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Vital Fitness Tips For Teenage Boys

For growing teenage boys, physical fitness is important for healthy growth and development. It is not exclusively about physical exercise but about maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercise, and sufficient rest. There are certain fitness tips for teenage boys, which helps them stay healthy in their developmental age.

As teenage boys grow, their bodies change and requiring certain changes in their diet and physical exercise. It is the stage in their development where most teenage boys develop unhealthy lifestyles and neglect physical exercise.

As parents, you should encourage your boys to develop a positive attitude towards overall physical fitness, including exercise, to feel comfortable in their skin and stay in shape. 

Fitness experts recommend that at least 60 minutes of exercise daily, ranging from moderate and vigorous physical activities are needed for teenage boys in order to maintain good health and fitness. 

However, note that if you are just starting a fitness program as a teenager, you have get a physical exam by your physician, especially before you start a muscle-building program. If you have any underlying health conditions, particularly heart problems or conditions that affect your muscles or joints, your health care provider can give you the best advice to follow.

Young boys can undertake the following physical exercises within the age of 12-17 years old. 

1. Aerobic exercises

Aerobic activities are a range of activities that pumps the heart by increasing heart rate and breathing. There are football, swimming, skating, running, cycling, dancing, etc. Aerobic exercises are good for building endurance and strength. 

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 2. Weight training 

Weight training is a range of workouts designed to increase muscle strength and muscle endurance. The former refers to the ability to lift or endure a given load. In contrast, the latter refers to the ability to hold on to a given load which is often a less intense force over an extended period. You should note that teenage boys should be supervised while working out to ensure they don’t overdo things. 

Examples of weight training programs recommended for teenagers include Barbell squats, incline dumbbell press, seated cable row, dumbbell arm curl, cable triceps pushdown, barbell deadlift, standard crunch, and cable pulldown. 

Physical exercise is just a subset of fitness, so in addition to these exercises, teenage boys are encouraged to adopt the following lifestyles to maintain good health and fitness. 

1. Reduce time spent watching TV. This also includes time spent playing computer or video games. Long hours spent on TV or video games have been linked to weight gain. Instead of spending excessive time on TV, you can use the time to do light exercise like a sit-up, lift hand weights, or use the treadmills. 


7. Avoid muscle-building steroids as you begin to gym. Learn how to build muscles the healthy way, and don’t go looking for shortcuts.