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How Spinach Helps Lower Hypertension,Related Articles

Diseases caused by our lifestyle choices are on a steady rise in our day and age due to lack of physical activities. Including the inclusion of more and more junk food in our diet. Hypertension is one such disease that has afflicted people across the globe. The problem is caused by abnormally high level of blood pressure that can give rise to a number of other health issues.

Other than external medications, lifestyle and dietary reforms make a huge impact in dealing with hypertension. A balanced diet replete with fiber and essential minerals is advised to be followed by patients already suffering from high blood pressure or showing symptoms of it. Consuming foods with more potassium content and avoiding foods with sodium content can also prove helpful.

Although there are many foods and drinks you can add to your diet to deal with hypertension, you can kick off with this astounding juice. This can also help in managing your body’s blood sugar levels. Spinach and celery juice are a potent wellness-inducing juice that possesses all the characteristics that fit the bill of an ideal hypertension diet.

Spinach For Hypertension

Spinach is a rich source of fiber, potassium as well as lutein. They prompt the blood vessels to relax thus lowering your blood pressure. The green leafy vegetables also contains a good amount of dietary magnesium that is again beneficial for maintaining the blood pressure level.

Celery For Hypertension

Celery is extremely rich in fiber that also helps in keeping your weight in check. The green veggie contains a compound called 3-n-butylphthalide that restrains rapid fluctuations in blood pressure and also reduces bad cholesterol in the body. Celery has many other important nutrients, including a high amount of potassium and blood circulation supporting coumarins, which help a great deal in alleviating hypertension

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Spinach and Celery juice Recipe

1. Wash six leaves of spinach and boil them till they are cooked.

2. Take two to three stalks of celery and chop them roughly into small pieces.

3. When the spinach cools down, put it in juicer/mixer/grinder along with celery stalks. Add one teaspoon of lime juice or few cucumber cubes to neutralize the strong pungent flavors of spinach and celery.

4. Avoid adding salt as it only gives rise to blood pressure and aggravates the problem.

5. Blend the ingredients together with a glass of water. Add more water if required.

Drink this healthful juice regularly and feel the difference in your overall health as well as see your blood pressure level stabilizing.

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