Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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How Athletes Can Benefit From Adding CBD into Their Routine

Once CBD is available to the masses, people just can’t get enough of it. Now a huge number of Canadians are taking CBD regularly, with hundreds of products are available on the market. And with more research on CBD that are still going on, we are going to see more inventions and new methods of taking CBD. I think at this point, CBD is here to stay and probably won’t ever go away.

CBD is all-natural, and all kinds of people are already taking it regularly. And there is another group of people that may need CBD in their lives: athletes. CBD has been reported to offer many health benefits to humans, so it’s not surprising that athletes could take advantage of it to perform better. And all this is also possible without the interferences of any psychoactive effects that are contained in THC. In other words, CBD is an ideal natural supplement that offers many health benefits, relaxation, and even sports recovery for athletes.

CBD and where it comes from

Let’s learn from the basics first, CBD or cannabidiol is one of more than 100 natural compounds called cannabinoids found in hemp plants. CBD is extracted directly from the plant and usually comes with other cannabinoids as well. The reason why CBD can be beneficial for humans is that it can interact directly with the endocannabinoid system in the body and help it to function properly.

CBD, as mentioned above, doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties. So consuming CBD won’t get you ‘stoned’. However, you got to make sure that the CBD product you are consuming doesn’t contain or only contain a small amount of THC, preferably less than 0.3%.

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CBD being all-natural, versatile, beneficial, and relatively safe has attracted athletes to incorporate it into their routines. Recently, especially in Canada, a huge number of athletes and fitness enthusiasts consider CBD oil an important part of their recovery regimen.

How can athletes benefit from CBD?

So now we know that CBD offers many benefits for humans. And now, we are going to learn how exactly athletes can benefit from CBD.

1. Sleep and relaxation

As you may already know, sleep and relaxation are important for athletes. Our bodies need to sleep and rest properly in order to gain the energy back and recover from damages. The problem is that some athletes may not be able to sleep properly due to the stress they put during practice or competition. Athletes who are having sleep issues may not be able to perform optimally and even turn to sleeping pills.

Fortunately, CBD is known to help improve sleep cycles and quality. Hopefully, athletes who consume CBD will not have problems falling asleep and suffer from sleep deprivation. By enjoying quality sleep, athletes can recover better and faster.

2. Help relieve inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem for athletes who tend to push their bodies to the limit. Acute inflammation could happen when the body is stressed or injuries as a natural response. However, it can get worse like chronic inflammation for example, which is bad for your health and could compromise your ability to move properly.