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10 Causes Why Consuming Watermelon Is Good for You

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  • Well being Advantages of Consuming Watermelon
  • Dietary Content material of Watermelon
  • Embody in Your Eating regimen
  • Precautions to Take into account
  • Most-Requested Questions About Watermelon
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Watermelon is a flexible, scrumptious, and easy-to-consume fruit. Comprising 92% water, it’s a refreshing fruit match for consumption through the scorching summer season months. Its nutritive worth and scrumptious crispy texture make it a favourite of many.

Watermelon is grown on sprawling vines in tropical to temperate areas. It’s native to tropical Africa however is now cultivated worldwide.

It’s normally eaten uncooked and added to salads, smoothies, snacks, and even drinks, however some folks additionally eat the rind together with its seeds by cooking it down with spices.

Well being Advantages of Consuming Watermelon

Watermelon is an considerable supply of many helpful vitamins together with lycopene, vitamin C, vitamin A, and beta carotene, (1) and it gives a number of well being advantages.

1. Helps in hydration

About 100 g or 1 cup of watermelon supplies 91.4 g of water; (1) thus, consuming it’s a very efficient approach to improve your each day water consumption. Furthermore, resulting from its excessive water density, watermelon is a low-calorie fruit that’s helpful in sustaining weight.

You will need to be aware that folks affected by kidney illnesses and people who have to hold their water consumption underneath examine should seek the advice of their physician earlier than together with a high-water-content fruit of their weight loss plan.

2. Aids in weight upkeep

In line with one examine, weight discount will be achieved by consuming meals which might be labeled as low density. They’re sometimes these meals which have a low calorie and excessive water content material. (2)

Watermelon, categorized as a low-density meals resulting from its excessive water content material, may also help you simply obtain satiety and fullness. This, in flip, reduces your likelihood of overeating, consequently serving to in total weight discount.

3. Controls blood sugar

Watermelon is wealthy in lycopene, a phenolic compound that imparts the fruit its distinct crimson colour and has been proven to scale back (3) free glucose within the blood. This impact is especially useful for folks with diabetes as it should assist in blood sugar administration.

Nonetheless, it can be crucial to not eat greater than 1–2 servings of the fruit because it has excessive sugar content material.

Watermelon additionally accommodates vitamin C, which reduces free radical harm that generally happens in diabetics.

4. Prevents cardiovascular illnesses

A crossover design examine discovered that watermelon consumption considerably lowered lipid markers (together with ldl cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL ldl cholesterol). (4)

Moreover, citrulline, an amino acid in watermelon, might also cut back (5) the buildup of fatty plaque in blood vessels known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerotic plaques alongside the edges of blood vessels may cause narrowing of the arteries, resulting in illnesses reminiscent of stroke and myocardial infarction (coronary heart assault).

5. Reduces the severity of bronchial asthma

Research present that bronchial asthma is brought on by the presence of free radicals within the physique. (6) A number of overview research discovered that consuming lycopene-rich meals, reminiscent of watermelon, lowered oxidative stress. It additionally helped cut back signs of bronchial asthma together with airway clean muscle contraction and mucus hypersecretion. (7)

6. Preserves dental well being

Watermelon’s vitamin C content material may also help stop the event of gingivitis, (8) a severe dental illness.

Vitamin C has additionally been intently linked to periodontal illness, the place a examine has proven that this vitamin reduces the irritation and bleeding that happens within the situation.

7. Fights irritation

The antioxidants current in watermelon, together with beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin A, typically have an anti-inflammatory impact on the physique.

In a single examine, watermelon lowered the ldl cholesterol and triglyceride ranges in addition to oxidative stress in rats. (9) These results consequently lowered irritation.

8. Protects nerve perform

Watermelon accommodates magnesium and potassium, that are pure electrolytes. Potassium controls how nicely nerves perform within the physique and improves their conduction exercise (10)

In a single examine, dietary potassium was recommended to play a protecting perform for the nerves. (11)

9. Aids in digestion

Watermelon is abundantly wealthy in water and accommodates some fiber, very similar to most different fruits. Fiber supplies bulk to the stool and water helps with its straightforward motion alongside the digestive tract.

A current overview additionally confirmed the potential of fiber to alter the intestine microflora (microorganisms current within the intestine) to positively impression metabolism. (12)

Moreover, in a examine executed on diabetic mice, consumption of watermelon juice confirmed a big discount in fasting blood glucose ranges in each kind 1 and sort 2 diabetes. It additionally induced adjustments within the intestine microflora. (13)

10. Improves athletic efficiency

Citrulline, an amino acid in watermelon, is efficient in lowering muscle soreness. (14) The water content material helps in hydrating the muscular tissues and washing away the collected lactic acid fashioned within the muscle post-exercise.

Dietary Content material of Watermelon

One cup (145 g) of watermelon provides about 140 g of water. It has 43.12 mcg of vitamin A, contributing 5% of the each day worth, together with 466.62 mcg of beta carotene.

The lycopene content material sits at round 6,979.28 mcg. It additionally has 11/63 g of carbohydrate with 0.62 g of fiber. The magnesium content material in watermelon is 15.40 mcg and potassium is 172.48, each minerals contributing 4% of the each day worth.

With solely 0.94 g of protein, watermelon has a weak amino acid profile. (15)

Embody in Your Eating regimen

Watermelon’s versatility permits it for use in numerous revolutionary recipes loved by many no matter age.

Many individuals select to arrange a watermelon and feta salad, a preferred summer season dish that has a great fiber and protein mixture. This salad is ideal as a facet dish on your summer season lunches or as a noon snack.

Watermelon will also be utilized in smoothies, drinks, juices, appetizers, or snacks.

Precautions to Take into account

When consuming watermelon, hold these items in thoughts:

  • Whereas it’s alright to have as much as 2 cups of watermelon or one glass of watermelon juice, overconsuming it could trigger a buildup of vitamins reminiscent of lycopene and potassium. A big amount of potassium can disrupt your electrolyte steadiness and kidney perform. A considerable amount of fiber obtained from overeating watermelon can even trigger digestive misery reminiscent of bloating, diarrhea, and nausea.
  • Ayurveda (conventional Indian drugs) extremely recommends not consuming water for no less than half-hour after consuming watermelon. Whereas there isn’t any scientific proof to again this declare, it’s higher to keep away from having water after its consumption as some folks report creating a sore throat or chilly.
  • Whenever you devour giant portions of watermelon, micro organism which might be current within the intestine will ferment the extreme quantity of sugar, resulting in discomfort and indigestion. Moreover, the fruit’s useful impact on blood sugar shall be negated, inflicting a spike in blood glucose and insulin ranges as a substitute.

Most-Requested Questions About Watermelon

When ought to I keep away from consuming watermelon?

Keep away from consuming watermelon late within the night or at evening simply earlier than sleeping. The excessive water content material will make you go to the toilet extra steadily by the evening, and the excessive sugar content material doesn’t make for a great snack at bedtime.

Can I eat watermelon if I’ve diabetes?

It’s completely okay to have as much as 2 cups of watermelon a day you probably have well-controlled blood sugar ranges. Individuals who have unregulated blood sugar ranges and people with allergy symptoms ought to keep away from consuming this fruit.

Ultimate Phrase

Fruits generally are nice sources of nutritional vitamins and minerals which might be finest obtained when consumed recent.

Watermelon, a treasure trove of nutritional vitamins and minerals, gives a bunch of advantages – from offering enough hydration to aiding in weight reduction, lowering free glucose within the blood, bettering nerve perform and dental hygiene, and soothing muscle soreness.

As with every little thing, overconsumption of watermelon can negate its advantages and will trigger hurt as a substitute. Additionally, keep away from having any liquids when consuming the recent fruit.

A very good rule of thumb is to mix watermelon together with nuts or proteins. Doing so creates helpful nutrient combos which might be each satiating and useful.


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